Learning Landscape

Our EMBA program consists of two divisions: Advanced Management and Global EMBA. The Advanced Management Division is further divided into four sections: Global Entrepreneur, Innovation in Culture & Creative and ICT Industries, Global Finance, and Biotechnology & Medicine. The program offers great flexibility, with classes taking place mainly every other weekend and the academic year split into three terms. In addition to the required courses, students may take courses in other sections to meet their needs and diversify their education. The Global EMBA Division’s courses are also designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals, taking only four consecutive days once a month (usually Thursday through Sunday).

The EMBA program is designed to provide lean courses with wide variety, working step by step from business fundamentals to advanced subjects and combining in-depth theoretical lectures, group discussions, case studies, simulations, professional panels, and visits to benchmark corporations. This enables managers from all different backgrounds to develop global perspectives and brand new ways of thinking.

As Taiwan’s first institution to provide high-level management education, the College of Commerce at National Chenchi University (CNCCU) leverages its extensive experience to provide an EMBA program with the following features:

Diverse Teaching: Case studies, overseas visits, and experiential learning

Our EMBA program contains intensive learner-centered case studies, using real-world case discussions and role plays to that facilitate linkage between theory and practice. Students are encouraged to speak freely and respond promptly to questions, strengthening their analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

In addition, overseas visits comprise case analysis and visits to benchmark corporations, providing our students access to C-suite leaders and the opportunity to absorb first-hand know-how, cultivate knowledge and insight about investment environments and opportunities, and network with professionals. Designated visit destinations include Japan, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.

Furthermore, we provide a course in leadership and team building, one of the NCCU’s highlight courses and a required subject for all EMBA freshmen. Each year the course inspires more than 200 freshmen to re-examine their lives and past leadership experiences. It involves role plays and interactive learning that hones students’ leadership skills and guides them in discovering the true meaning of leadership and team building.

Practical Orientation: A dialogue between theory and practice

Our EMBA is a practice-oriented program, and thus the curriculum is designed with case analyses, group discussions, and corporate visits to help students develop insight into and advanced knowledge of business, and to get a grasp of the essence of management directly from senior executives.

Global Vision: Feet in Taiwan, eyes to the world

In the face of our rapidly-changing global economy, business leaders today must compete on the global stage and learn from the world. Therefore, senior executives need to further expand their business mindset, broaden their perspectives, and take on the latest management knowledge so as to keep up with this dynamic environment.

Taking an identical teaching approach to that widely used overseas, our program provides students with professional courses that perfectly put business knowledge into practice.